“At PK Legal, recruitment is tailored for you and to do that you need to trust your consultant.”

Giving you the peace of mind you require

You will not be just another candidate to PK Legal. At PK Legal, recruitment is tailored for you and to do that you need to trust your consultant.

I have spent genuine time in legal practice which gives me the confidence to comprehend what your needs are as lawyers. It is this empathy that helps act as a catalyst for a lasting relationship with your recruitment consultant. You are confiding in a consultant, you are putting your trust in that person and you expect them to be professional, diligent, understanding and know their market, whilst at the same time trusting them to keep all matters confidential. You will not be just another candidate to PK Legal.

At PK Legal, recruitment is tailored for you and to do that you need to trust your consultant. You are trusting someone who you have never met before to provide a discrete targeted focused approach in the legal market. Would you tap someone on the back in a street, who you didn’t know and tell them what was troubling you at work? Unlikely! For that reason a consultant/candidate working relationship is special. This is where our core values come into play to give you the peace of mind you require.

Forming a healthy working relationship

With PK Legal, a healthy working relationship is formed, with mutual respect for each other.

I am also trusting you to the extent that you will provide me with all the information I need to know to understand what makes you the lawyer you are, as well as understanding what your career aspirations are. As with all the candidates I have helped over the years, I find that with time, a healthy working relationship is formed, with mutual respect for each other. Trust is definitely the key factor and for this I ask that you stay loyal and keep in touch on a regular basis. Communication is so important. I will be honest from the outset as to what I believe I can achieve for you, as I appreciate that your time is also precious.

One often hears the reference to headhunting on behalf of law firms. Well, a targeted approach on behalf of a candidate is very similar. PK Legal obtains all the information it needs from you and then evaluates it.

By understanding the lawyer’s issues at their present law firm, and their desires for the future, one is able to target the right law firms from the outset. Furthermore, by using this method of fine tuning by a methodical targeted approach, confidentiality is kept at the highest level. Pan Kakou does not believe in placing a candidate for the sake of a fee from a client. He listens and advises, basing his decision on his experience and market knowledge. Once all the information has been gathered a shortlist of law firms is then drawn up, based on what is known about you, taking into account your skills, experience and career aspirations as well as making sure that the thought process behind the shortlist has taken into account your personality so that there is a true cultural fit.

We will fight your corner

At PK Legal, we tell you how the market is and give you confident advice as to your next move

Having been in the business of recruiting for many years now (since 2004 to be exact), I know a great deal of decision makers, some of whom I can now call friends. If you have the necessary requirements for a job vacancy I will fight your corner because by the time you have given permission to send your CV I will have met you (or at least had a number of very thorough chats with you on the phone or by Facetime), and I will understand who you the candidate really is, which will ultimately mean that whether you like it or not, I will know your strengths and weaknesses.

Too many consultants are keen to obtain your CV and send it out to a whole load of law firms, what some recruiters refer to as the “spray and pray” method. You don’t need a consultant to do that. This is a candidate led market at the moment and what is needed is research in to which firms would value your skills and experience. The methodology used at PK Legal and described above is much more effective.

As should always be the case, your CV will never be sent to a law firm without your prior consent. Furthermore, prior to interview, I will make sure that you have all the information you require together with guidance of how to prepare for an interview.

I look forward to hearing from you.

The Current Legal Market in the Northwest

(September 2021)

Life seems to slowly but surely be returning to an element of normality, that is, if we can call it normal, as so much has changed. Lawyers were working from home for so long that there was a feeling of trepidation for some, and for others, freedom, in being able to meet their colleagues and, indeed clients, in person.

Law firms have come around to the fact that working out of the office is not such a bad thing, so long as we have technology to join us together when required, as well as the willingness to focus on the task at hand. Indeed, there are savings to be made and, some firms have reduced their floorspace, taking into account that they do not need all employees in at the same time. This in turn has had a positive impact on the work/life balance for most people, and more disposable income for those not required to use any means of transport into work on the days they do work from home (every penny counts!).

So, is everyone a winner with remote working? Time will tell but certainly so far, law firms in general appear to be very busy, with departments in the larger law firms expanding to cope with the influx of instructions, and in most cases, they are perfectly happy for their employees to work from home 2-3 days a week.

I made no secret of the fact in my April 2021 update that so long as the more junior lawyers had adequate support, remote/agile working would probably be here to stay.

In terms of areas of the law in demand, property lawyers, corporate lawyers, commercial contracts lawyers, commercial litigators (particularly property litigation and construction), clinical negligence, planning, family and private client lawyers, seem to be in demand in private practice. Demand is exceeding supply although some lawyers may be reluctant to dip into the legal recruitment market for the time being.

Fingers crossed there are no more lockdowns over the winter. It is probably a little premature for law firms to be thinking about the Christmas Party with so much Covid still about, but who knows?

Refer a friend

If you have a friend or colleague that might be interested in hearing about new legal roles, or is presently looking for a new job in the local market, PK Legal would love to hear from them. The good bit is that there is a potential reward for you. Subject to terms and conditions*, if PK Legal should place someone as a direct result of your recommendation, you will receive a voucher (e.g. John Lewis; M&S; Liverpool One Gift card, TK Maxx etc.) between £150-£200. Either get their consent for you to give us their contact details or, ask them to call direct and mention your name.

* The candidate recommended must not already be registered with PK Legal and, once the candidate has started their new role through PK Legal, they must remain at their job for at least 3 months and a day. Actual value of voucher is dependent on level of qualification.

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